Behavior Modification

Smiling dogOur training philosophy is simple:
Work with a dog's native instincts and drive, and nurture their physical, mental, and emotional development with clear, compassionate leadership, and sufficient exercise.

Urban dogs frequently live a life that's at odds with their biological needs and instincts.  They aren’t humans, and don’t come pre-programmed with human values and social conditioning.  Until you tell them what they should chew on, they have no idea your shoes, cabinets, and couch are off limits.  Unless you demonstrate your desire for them to walk beside you calmly on-leash, they don’t know there’s a problem with pulling you wherever their nose takes them.  If you don’t explain your house rules in a way they can understand, it’s not fair to hold them accountable for breaking them.

Balanced Dogs Behavior Modification Training will teach you to teach your dog what you want and what you will not tolerate.  We’ll show you the best way to get your dog’s attention, the most effective training techniques, and how to communicate your desires to your dog in ways that solidify the bond between you, rather than frighten or intimidate your best friend.


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