Leadership Coaching

Dee and dogs on trailDogs are genetically programmed to assume a leadership role in their pack, if no one else is behaving like a leader in their eyes.

Most dogs are born followers, not leaders, so when they’re forced to assume this role, they become unbalanced. Insecure dogs become anxious; fearful dogs become aggressive.  


Behaviors such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, dog-dog aggression, and people aggression usually disappear when a dog relinquishes the power position in their pack.

The key is earning your dog's respect as the pack leader.  Dogs are non-verbal communicators, so they take their cues not from what you say (or scream!), but from your body language, and the energy you project.  Every time you interact with your dog, whether you’re speaking or not, you’re transmitting volumes of information, whether you're aware of it or not.  If you want your dog to come when you call, or stop lunging at the neighbors, or shredding your couch, start by examining your behavior and your beliefs carefully. Even if you're not paying attention to the non-verbal signals you're sending, your dog is.

Balanced Dogs Leadership Training empowers humans to embrace their inner pack leader. We give you the tools to communicate to your dog that you’re in charge, so they don’t have to be.  With these simple, yet powerful techniques, you’ll learn how to transform your relationship, and lead your dog to a balanced life.

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