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Dear Dee:
I wanted to thank you for your time and dedication in finding the perfect dog companion for my husband and me.  When we moved into our new place, our landlords insisted we sign an agreement that if the dog was a nuisance in any way that we would get rid of it. 

Charlie is just the best dog for us, and we know that if we had not had you on our doggie case that we might be facing an eviction or worse!  Your services were invaluable to us and I believe that any prospective dog adopters would benefit from this matching service. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- A. Ward, Hollywood


When it comes to adopting the right dog for your home, the process can be a little overwhelming.  There are so many loving animals, and so many places to search for them.  Not to mention the difficulty in knowing if any one dog is actually right for you.

The Pack Maker service was developed specifically to help with these challenges, and make the adoption process more enjoyable and effective.  Our goal is to match people with a dog that fits their lifestyle and blends into their home harmoniously, rather than randomly selecting an animal based on an emotional response to how they look, or how terrible their life was in the past.

Through a thorough interview process, we determine the canine traits that would be the most appropriate for a given home.  Then we apply more than 15 years of professional behavior experience to locate and evaluate available dogs that best match that criteria.

The end result is an adoption that works with your life, your family, and your home, and thus has the best chance of being successful for life.

For more information, please email our Pack Maker.

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